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UFO: Target Earth

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UFO: Target Earth

Publication date 1974
Topics Sci-Fi,
Publisher Jed Productions
Incredibly stupid and silly sci-fi flick about a dorky young man who starts to investigate UFO's and then hears strange noises coming from a local lake where it was reported decades earlier that a spaceship crashed.
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Reviewer: ichabod82 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 24, 2014
Subject: Good Schlock
I love just about anything 70's, and this movie has a definite 70's feel to it.
Slow-moving parts exist, but when it gets weird you just draw into it. Drive-in classic.
Reviewer: texas1959 - favorite - September 26, 2013
Subject: Bad Bad Movie
Could not finish it. It looks like some ones home movie. Plus it was the ugly times of the 70s.
Reviewer: vonnoosh - favoritefavorite - January 27, 2013
If you happen to be in the company of someone who you don't partically like (ex girlfriend etc) and you'd like them to leave, tell them you really want to watch "UFO: Target Earth", put it on and focus most of your attention the flick. The person will definitely get the point and up and leave in NO TIME.

The movie sets the boredom pace early with long rambling interviews before we even meet the "characters". This flick's star (and by star I mean someone who has been apart of more than one movie) appears on screen for a good half minute about 32 minutes into the picture. The star is the boom mic and it is just stealing the scene of that interview on the old ladies porch. That's the highlight. Maybe you can get into the lowfi special effects in the end too.

2 stars, BOTH for the boom mic. My hero
Reviewer: mandrakes - favoritefavorite - August 19, 2011
Subject: UFO:Target Boredom
To quote the main character from minute 40:30, "Nothing is going to happen." Yeah that should have been the tag line from the film.

Somehow I can picture the filmmaker alone at home in his basement the lights turned off, watching and rewatching these scenes and really thinking he had a great film on his hands. Also I think he may have been stoned. Probably not as bad as some of the reviews I have seen make it out to be but pretty boring. If you like movies where things happen this is not the film for you. 2 stars for the B movie nature but can't muster up even a better B movie rating than that. Probably too dull for MST3K even and they managed to riff The Creeping Terror.
Reviewer: Vic Demise - favorite - January 2, 2011
Subject: Turn back! Turn Back NOW!!
Yeah. This one really stunk. The few nice things I could try to say would be dwarfed by enormity of it's crappiness. Time better spent in a dentist's chair. The first one star review I have ever given.
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